White and green tea polyphenols inhibit pancreatic lipase in vitro

Green, white and black teas were assayed for inhibition of pancreatic lipase activity in vitro. White tea proved to be more effective than green tea with black tea showing little inhibition even at 200 μg GAE/ml. The EC50 values for inhibition were 22 μg/ml for white tea and 35 μg/ml for green tea; both easily achievable from normal infusions of tea. Liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy analysis showed that white and green teas had essentially equal amounts of flavan-3-ols but green tea had higher levels of flavonols. White tea had higher levels of 5-galloyl quinic acid, digalloyl glucose, trigalloyl glucose and the tannin, strictinin.

After chromatography on Sephadex LH-20, the main inhibitory fraction was enriched in strictinin and fractions enriched in other components were ineffective. This suggests that strictinin content may be crucial for inhibition of pancreatic lipase. However, the possibility of synergies between the polyphenols cannot be disregarded.

Anais Gondoina, Dominic Grussua, Derek Stewarta and Gordon J. McDougall

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